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Avg Antivirus Free Edition on a Windows 7 Computer

avg activation key

avg activation key

To protect your computer Operating on latest Variant of Windows 7 in deadly security threats and virus, you will need to put in a proper anti virus. AVG, definitely is the primary choice of many computer users since it provides some excellent anti virus software for home as well as business computer users.

Here, We're discussing the Measures to Download and install AVG anti virus free version on your PC. This will not just save your time but is extremely economical. Try these easy actions to make your computer safe against deadly safety hazards.


Step 1. Download AVG free edition from

Step 2. Start Looking for the free edition and click on "download now'. You have to click on"Run" again if you get IE security warning.

Step 3. Chose the language and click on "Next".

Step 4. Elect for"Install only basic Free protection" and then click"Next". To proceed to next step you need to watch for a while as it is contingent on the connection rate. Actually, the next step is to download the files which are needed for completion of setup process.

Measure 5. Click the"I have read the License agreement" and accept it.

Step 6. Go for regular installation and Then click"Next" to trigger the AVG Free License.

Step 7. The following page you get asks you to Install the AVG Security Toolbar or set yahoo as default hunt. These are discretionary and after making your selection, click "Next"

Measure 8. You have successfully installed Final step is always to accepting the privacy policy and to enter an optional e-mail address. Click finish.



After the final thing is over, choose "Optimize scanning now" in the next window. It May require a few Minutes to finish but makes scans quicker later on. We indicates you to Purchase a paid version of AVG antivirus as soon as possible to acquire the maximum Protection against deadly virus.

To solve your technical issues with avg antivirus, click on  avg activator .

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